Women Development Cell

  1. 16-12-2005: A seminar of Legal Rights of Women was conducted Smt. Madhavi, Senior Lawyer has participated in this Seminar as a Chief guest. She has given valuable information and suggestions to the lady students on legal rights of women. Several questions raised by the students on the topic and all are clarified by the chief guest.
  2. 20-12-2005 A grand seminar on Empowerment of Women was conducted in the college premises. Our college Principal Dr. S. Malleswara Rao was presided over the meeting Sri K. Rajya Lakshmi , MRO, Vetapalem was attended as the chief guest of the programme and gives excellent message for the uplift of women in rural and backward areas Smt. Ch. Vijaya Lakshmi, M.P.D.O. of Vetapalem stressed the importance of education particularly women, asked the students to take key role for the development of the nation. Shaik Rameeja Bhanu, local I.C.D.S. Project Director stressed the importance of child care, and girl education and also involvement of women for developmental activities. The local M.P.P. Smt . K. Vijaya Lakshmi gave tremendous speech on the involvement of women in politics particularly local bodies and welcomed the reservation of women to local bodies. It is a good opportunity for women to enter poltics shape the future of country with their commitment, dedication and devotion towards their duties.

    The seminar went on very well. The girl students raised their doubts and clarified by the guest. The college staff, management and girl students were attended the programme. The local print and non-print media high lightened the programme. The highlight of this seminar is power point presentation on women wmpowerment by the principal of the college. The seminar was ended with good conclusion.
  3. 21-12-2006 A seminar on Women - Moral Values was conducted in the college premises. The principal of the college Dr. S. Malleswara Rao was presided over the function gave his presidential speech of this occasion. Smt. G. Giraja Kumari, H.M. of Z.P.High school for girls Vetapalem attended the seminar as chief guest and gave an effective lecture on this topic and asked the girls students to fallow moral values for better life and better living conditions. The seminar ended with fruitful discussions and conclusions.
  4. 15-12-2007 A Seminar on Women Health Problems was conducted in the college premises.Dr. Leelavathi local Govt. Doctor was attended as chief guest and explained good food habits, nutriclous food, importance of physical exercise and given suitable answers raised by the students on various health problems and suggested good measures. All the girl students were participated in this programme classified their doubts on health problems.
  5. 03-02-2009 A Seminar on Society - Gender Epuality was conducted in the college premises. The local M.P.D.O., Smt. P. Jhansi Rani was attended as chief guest and the women are no way inferior to men. In all aspects the women are showing their capacity and capability in all the fields, she cited the examples of Smt. Indira Gandhi, Smt. Kiran Bedi etc. The seminar was ended with good conclusions.
  6. 31-12-2009 Seminar on Meditation was conducted in the college premises. The principal of the college Dr. S. Malleswara Rao was presided over the functions. Senoir pyramid Yoga Master Sri K. Srinivasa Rao of Chirala explained the importance of Yoga in human life and practically ecercised Yoga items and meditation before the students. The students felt very happu by conducting this type of seminar.
  7. 29-12-2010 A Seminar on Women Rights - Protection was conducted in the college premises. Our college principal Dr. S. Malleswara Rao, attended as chief guest and delivered the rights of women and their protection. The seminar went on well. The local media enlightened the programme.

I submit that inception of the starting of the women welfare cell in the college. We have conducted several activities as fallows.

  1. Every year committee will be formulated for women welfare cell with the lady staff and students.
  2. At least two programmes will be conducted in each in every year.
  3. Main moto of this women welfare cell is anti ragging on women and women protection for this purpose we met several times in the principal's chamber and solved several problems among lady students.
  4. To encourage literary talents among the lady students separate essay writing and elocution competitions for lady students with the co- operation of local Mahila Mandal and Inner Wheel Club.
  5. With the co - operation of the principal of the college we have been taking steps to provide effective toilet facilities and waiting room. Excellent waiting room is provided by the principal. Existing toilet rooms has been renovating with the financial help of UGC with the modern facilities.