G.R.K Free Mid Day Meals Hostel

Sri GOLLAPUDI RADHA KRISHNA'S Free Midday Meals Hostel was started in 1933 for helping the Poor Students coming from nearly villages and returning home in the same night.

In those days there were lack of facilities for education. Already there was a well established school founded by Sri Bandla Bapaiah Chetty garu with good buildings and play ground. So providing Midday Meals to the students is a necessary and needy project. Sri G. Radha Krishnaiah coined the project from Hindu theosophical school, sow carpet, Madras where renowed Head-Master Sri Rangaswamy Iyengar was working at that time.

First the scheme was started an Experimental basis drawing fund from its company and later created a trust in his name. For smooth and permanence of the scheme, he constructed building and furniture for its maintenance. After his demise in 1977, his adopted son Rtn. G.SEETHARAM came to the power and increased the strength of the Hostel to 200 students (from school to college students) with new amenities like High Power Gas Connection and Steel Furniture in its old place.

Now the Hostel has been providing Midday Meals for the students studying in B.B.H. Junior College, and Degree College in Vetapalem.

Hostel admissions are made in the School / Jr. College / Degree College re-opening day after summer vocation. The students who belongs to the poor apply for seats in the hostel, without caste and creed discrimination. The selected students will be given Token after the interview. While entering Dinning Hall, students should take VEEBUDHI or TILAK n their fore heads and recite prayer before taking meals. Probably this is only

One Private Charitable hostel which is providing Midday Meals open to all irrespective of caste and creed without Govt. Funds, across the State.