About Us

Education is a superb means to dispel the darkness of ignorance and spread the light of knowledge, Education has great power to transform a man into a genius so as to lead his life in the right way. If society is to get alround development, it is possible only through education. Hence an adage "Vidya Ratnam Mahdhanam".

In 1921, Rao Saheb Bandla Bapaiah Setty Garu founded Bandla Bapaiah Hindu Middle School in the village, Vetapalem, realizing the necessity of education for society in those days. Besides his determination to spread education in this region, he made several donations. Spending huge amount of money, he renovated the old Temple in his own village, Ravuripeta. He donated three and a half acress of wet land for the purpose of daily rituals (Naivedyam) to the deity. Moreover he donated his own buildings in the name of his mother Smt. Bandla Ademma garu for Primary Health Centre and it shows his spirit to philanthropy. In 1961, his sons Sri Bandla Venkateswara Rao (Dora), Sri Bandla Viswanadha Rao (chitti) and Sri Bandla China Bapaiah (Chinna) donated 14 acres of land beside the main road in Bapaiah Nagar for construction of Mandal Revenue office Complex in the fond memory of their beloved father.

The Educational Institution established in 1921 with the sole pious ideal of imparting education to the children belonging to Vetapalem and its neibouring village, developed by leaps and bounds into High School in 1946, into Higher Secondary School in 1961, into Junior College in 1969 and above all attained Degree College status in 1981. These institutions run by the management of Bandla Bapaiah Educational Institutions Committee are progressing with brilliant history. The alumni who has studied in these institutions, settled in our country and abroad in high positions. These institution have produced the intelligentsia, who have been contributing to the alround development of our country. Hence these institutions are the centres for production of intelligentsia. The institutions are proud of the students who hoist the flag of success in the four corners of the world. The institutions bear the fruit for the esteem ideal of the founder, Rao Saheb Bandla Bapaiah Setty Garu. These are the evidences to the strong desire of Bandla Family to impart education to the needy.

Those who contributed to the development of the Educational Institutions

Following the footsteps of Rao Saheb Bandla Bapaiah Setty garu, his sons vise Sri Bandla Venkateswara Rao garu, Sri Bandla Viswanadha Rao garu and Sri Bandla China Bapaiah garu shouldered the responsibilities of the management of these institutions and rendered ineffable services for their development.

On this occasion, we call back to mind the memory of the names of late Sri Bandla Subbarayudu garu and late Bandla Venkateswara Rao garu, who served the institutions as President of the Committee. In the same way, I the capacity as Secretary & Correspondent many eminent personalities rendered services for the advancement of the institutions they are ; late Sri Bandla Veera Swamy garu, late Sri Thota Seshadri Nayudu garu, late Sri Bandla Sreeramulu Panthulu garu, late Sri Gutti Venkata Subbaiah garu, late Sri Adusumalli Sreenivasa Rao panthulugaru, late Sri Gollapudi Radha Krishnaiah Sreshti garu, late Sri Bandla China Bapaiah garu, Dr. B.Veera Prasada Rao garu, late Sri Gutti Venkata Subba Rao garu, late Sri Bandla Bala Venkateswarlu garu, Sri Karna Lakshmana Rao garu, Sri Gollapudi Seetharam garu. We are obliged to recognize their service. Besides them, many capable persons served the institutions in the position of Vice-president and Joint Secretary. In like manner, the members of the committee also cooperated with them in the uplift of the institutions. Thanks to their unstinted services, Bandla Bapaiah Educational Institutions have been developed by leaps and bounds.

The Head Master, Principals, Teaching Staff and Non-teaching staff have served the Educational Institutions with commitment. They have coached the students with sincerely and skills in their subjects and made them move forward in the path of discipline. As the saying goes "The stem sprouted here becomes a strong branch", the students who were educated in these institutions grabbed the golden opportunities and spread the fame of the Educational Institutions far and wide with their talent and skill.

Development in Accordance with the present needs

As it is known to all, as a part of globalization, as a result of the educational field becoming a commercial arena, corporate colleges are spreading like mushrooms. The present Management Committee is prepared to lead the Bandla Bapaiah Educational Institutions in the path of development to withstand the competition from the corporate Educational Institutions.

  • Government of Andhra Pradesh had banned the appointment of Staff Members to all aided Educational Institutions including that of ours. Inspite of this ban, the committee has been appointing new staff to fill up the vacancy of retired staff and the salaries are paid from the Committee Funds. This is the major cause for shortage of funds.
  • English Medium of Instruction has been introduced in the High School, Junior College and Degree College in all sections, groups and courses, as per the modern trends of education.
  • In the same way, adequate number of computers have been installed for the sake of computer science, L.C.D. Projectors are being used as teaching aids.
  • Many poor students are admitted in to our Educational Institutions in large numbers and the poor students are getting monetary benefits from the donations given by many philanthropists.
  • Attempts are being continued to increase the passing percentage to cent percent by conducting special classes by the staff for the purpose of improving the understanding power of the students.
  • We have been trying to provide adequate Infrastructural facilities.
  • Late Sri Gollapudi Radha Krishnaiah Sreshti garu initiated Midday Meal Hostel during the year 1936 for the benefit of students of these institutions who came from nearby villages. His adopted son Sri Gollapudi Seetaram garu is continuing the same tradition and managing the hostel very efficiently.
  • As a result of these acts, students are achieving good results in all aspects.

Development - Financila Difficulties

  • Thanks to the financial assistance, rendered by some philanthropic donors, we were able to construct some buildings in the Degree College. But, the buildings, especially in the Junior College are of old constructions and so, they need repairs. In order to re-construct them, large amounts of funds are necessary.
  • Additional Sections and groups have been introduced in English Medium, along with Telugu Medium for which additional class rooms are needed. Funds are inevitable for their construction.
  • Difficulties are faced as there is inadequate furniture to fulfill the needs.
  • It is very necessary to upgrade the laboratories. Funds are indispensable for their modernization.
  • As the Government banned the appointment of staff, it is a burden to pay the salaries to newly recruited Staff from limited funds of the committee.